1 x Paulmara Estates-Gentilini ‘Crossed Paths’ Robola 2020


You don’t meet people by accident; you cross paths for a reason. The ‘Crossed Paths’
Robola was born through the bonds of friendship and a passionate pursuit of
excellence in grape growing and winemaking. This is a wine of origin, realized by
three people drawn together by curiosity and a common vision to bring the ancient
and new worlds together.
Robola is an indigenous variety to the Ionian island of Kefalonia, Greece. This
delicate white variety thrives on the slopes of Mount Ainos at altitudes of up to
800m above sea level where well drained soils, composed of limestone and red iron
oxide allow Robola to express itself in its purest form. A true terroir wine, the thin
stony soils combine with cool sunny days, allowing the fruits signature citrus zest
aromatics and distinctive, flinty minerality to develop naturally.
The 2017 was awarded 93 points by Halliday. This new release will also not disappoint, the 2020 Crossed Paths fruit was zonally picked due to the variation in slope and
hence, the variation in ripeness from the top of the rows to the bottom. The juices
were then separated into free run and pressings with a portion of heavy lees contact
post fermentation on a small percentage of the free run. The final wine is 100% tank
fermented Robola with a tiny portion of lees contact wine to add some mouthfeel and
texture while retaining the natural slatey, citrus zing of the Robola grape.

The wine showcases a dainty blossom scent supported by concentrated lemon and
orange peel aromatics. The prominent acid profile makes it perfect for all forms of
food matching and is well balanced by the weight of mid palate. Lime, hints of honey
and sweet spices are then carried through with a fine chalky finish provided by the
lees contact post fermentation. A combination of bountiful primary fruit and a low
pH will see this wine age gracefully over the coming years with a complex range of
secondary characters to look forward to. Pour the wine over natural oysters, amazing!

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