1 x Mitravelas ‘Red on Black’ Agiorgitiko 2022


Vintage: 2022
Varietal Composition: Agiorgitiko
Vinification: Produced 100% from selected Agiorgitiko grapes from high altitude (450 – 500MASL) vineyards surrounding the hills of Nemea. The grapes harvested have a fruity aroma, which are brought up by the relatively low fermentation and maceration temperatures (fermentation temperature: controlled at 20C for 7 days). The wine also undergoes malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks and it is bottled after the necessary treatments.
Serving suggestions: Red and white meat, pasta with tomato, and generally everyday meals of mild taste.



A velvety red wine with busty aromas of red fruits, black pepper, caramel and sour cherry jam. The taste supports the bouquet with its structure and its soft tannins.

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