12 x Gentilini Robola 2016 – SOLD OUT


All vinification and bottling is done at the Gentilini winery. The grapes are chilled to 7°C overnight before processing. They are de-stemmed and only the free run juice is used. This year we separated the must into four tanks according to vineyard altitude, and used different yeasts to add complexity. The juice from the highest vineyards was inoculated with EC1118, followed by Vintage White, Cross Evolution and DV10 to initiate fermentation, which lasted for four weeks at low temperatures. This was followed by 4 weeks of lee stirring (battonage) to develop the body, delicate aromas and finesse of the finished wine. The wine was cold stabilized, blended and then filtered just once prior to bottling.

A fresh, vivacious, crisp white wine, which expresses all the mineral and citrus characteristics of this unique variety. Complex, balanced and dry with an orange blossom nose and long finish. Pour the wine over natural oysters, amazing!

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